Common toolbar buttons

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Below the display of each project, study and report in the program is a toolbar.  The buttons on the toolbar change depending on the content being displayed at the time.  The following is a list of common buttons used by Crash Magic with a description of their function.



Filter - This button raises the filter editor form.  Each study has its own filter, which applies to all reports within that study.  Thus, changing the filter will affect all reports in the current study.

The filter is used to remove crashes from the current study.  It will never cause more crashes to be included than exist in a study without a filter.

For more information of filters, see the Filters chapter.


Category - This button opens the category list editor. Category list allow users to highlight diagram and listing reports for the current study.


Re-query study - Will cause Crash Magic to query the database again. Any changes made to the crash data will be displayed in the current study or report.


Print - Selecting this button causes Crash Magic to prepare an Adobe Acrobat® file and present it in a popup window.  

Printing is available from the new popup window.

This same report is available in the preview tab of the current report.  In this case, no popup window is created.

Note: If your computer has "popup-blocking" software installed, you may not see this new window.  Most popup blocking software will allow such popups when the control key is held down during the click.


Copy - Pressing this button creates a copy of the current Project, Study or Report.  The copy is kept in the Crash Magic clipboard until the user presses the Paste button.  Note: once something is copied to the clipboard, it's name and description appear in the status bar at the bottom of the window.


Paste - Pressing this button pastes a copy of the item from the clipboard into the current branch of the project tree.  In order to paste an item, an appropriate tree branch must be selected.  For example, a report can not be pasted into a project: it may only be pasted into a study.  However, a project may be pasted anywhere, and will appear at the highest level of the tree.  


Load template - This button displays a dialog from which the user can select a template to load for the current project, study or report.  A template is used to fill in saved values for a project, study or report.  For example, a chart template contains the chart categories, colors, style, etc.  This makes it easy to save and retrieve, for example, a horizontal bar chart showing time of day in shades of light to dark blue.

For more information, see the Templates section.


Save template - This button displays a dialog from which the user can create a new template, or overwrite an existing one.

For more information, see the Templates section.


Delete - Deletes the current project, study or report shown.  Important: Items are not retrievable once they have been deleted.