Crash Magic Local Viewer

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The Crash Magic Local Viewer (cmLocalViewer) is a desktop utility that can be used to display crash reports, photos, or other information as requested by Crash Magic.  In most cases, scanned crash reports or photos are stored locally at the agency utilizing Crash Magic.  For security and data size reasons, it is usually best to avoid uploading them to the hosted server.  The cmLocalViewer makes access to these local files safe and efficient without transmitting personal/confidential information outside the local network.


The cmLocalViewer is installed as a desktop application, registered in Windows to handle files with the "cmlvml" extension.  Crash Magic includes a feature to write such files containing information about the file/program to launch on the local computer. cmLocalViewer is currently capable of responding to two types of requests.


Because cmLocalViewer runs in the security context of the user currently logged into Windows, it is limited to presenting content that user as access to.  It is limited by the same security provided by network devices and/or Active Directory.


Two new functions have been added to the Crash Magic expression parser to facilitate the creation of the cmlvml content. Rather than piecing together the XML manually, users may instead utilize the cmlvmlLocalFile and cmlvmlLocalExe functions.  These two functions assemble the required XML for most uses of the program.