New report buttons

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To generate a report, the user must first select a study.  When a study has been selected, the report buttons become available at the top of the screen.  

Note: The specific report buttons available are determined by the configuration and administration settings.


Report buttons


Apply template group - This button allows a set of predefined reports to be created for a study. This button may not be active for all users.


Create diagram - Creates a new diagram report with the default settings based on the collisions from the study.



Create chart - Create a new chart report based on the collisions from the study.



Create list - Displays user selected fields of each collision record based on the collisions from the study.



Create location list - Creates a list of high crash locations based on the locations from the study. This button is only active for users that locate their collisions by a location id or street and cross street.


Create layout - Creates a layout report. This allows users to combine different report elements into a single report.



Create cross tab report - Creates a cross tab report.