Category List

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Crash Magic has a great display feature called Category lists. Category lists allows records to be highlighted based on the data within the record. Category lists are tied to the study and affect the diagram and listing reports. Category lists are also used in the display of chart information. Category lists can be selected and edited with the "Change change study category list" button color_palette_b_24or the category list button color_palette_24 on the chart settings tab.


Category lists can be thought of as groups of bins. Each bin in a Category list is used for counting  and coloring records. As Crash Magic pulls each record the record is compared against the conditions for each bin. If the condition resolves to true for a bin the record is counted in the bin and the record is colored with the bin color. If a record is resolves to true for more than one bin in a single category list an error message will be displayed to the user when the category list is used.