Pre-installation Tasks

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The following tasks should be done before installing Crash Magic:


Install any Windows updates to the server that will be running Crash Magic

Install database drivers on the server that will be running the Crash Magic software( You should test establishing a connection to the database server using the database tools that install with the driver. Refer to documentation on your specific database driver.)

Gather information required for the server that will run Crash Magic

1.Name of the server

2.IP address of the server

3.Server login to install the Crash Magic program

4.Password for the server login

Gather information required for the database or schema that will store the Crash Magic system tables

1.Name of the database server that will store the Crash Magic system tables

2.IP address of the database server

3.Administrator Login to the database that can create the Crash Magic system tables

4.Password for the administrator login that will create the Crash Magic system tables

Gather information required for your crash database or schema

1.Name of the server that your crash data is stored on

2.IP address of the server

3.Database login to access your crash data

4.Database password

5.Oracle environments that restrict user sessions will also need to ensure that users have been granted enough sessions for the program to function correctly. While Crash Magic does reuse Oracle sessions, some user experiences require multiple Oracle sessions. Pd' Programming recommends a minimum of five oracle sessions per Crash Magic user.

Gather GIS map files

Download a copy of the Crash Magic software

Download the specific XML configuration for Crash Magic. This configuration file will be imported into the system tables, and tells Crash Magic how to read the collision data.

Request license information

1.Jurisdiction name

2.License key for Crash Magic

3.Pd' Programming assigned client ID

4.User Group name

Confirm that you have sufficient hard drive space to install Crash Magic.


By default, Crash Magic will not allow a second instance of itself (.exe or .dll) to be created on a single server.  To override this, create add the following line in the cmVirtualRegistry.ini file:




The cmVirtualRegistry.ini file can be found in the Sys folder under the Crash Magic Program Data folders.