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Crash Magic Online is a server based application.  This means that the actual software resides on a network server, usually a different computer than the user sits in front of.


Crash Magic Online can be installed as a Windows service application, or as an ISAPI plugin to Microsoft IIS.  In either case, the first step is to install the program.  Once the program is installed, a maintenance form is presented that guides the user through the steps to prepare the application for use. After this step, the "group administrator" can access the program to specify custom configurations and default settings.


The installation of Crash Magic is a four step process.  In large organizations, these steps will typically be distributed across different roles or even departments.  In smaller organizations, the steps may be performed by as few as a single person.


Project Manager - The person in charge of having the software made available for use is the project manager.  This person was likely involved in the procurement process, and communicates with all the stakeholders and support personnel to implement the product for the agency.  This person should be in close contact with Pd' Programming for support.

Database administrator - This person has full access to logins, roles, permissions, databases, tables, etc. as they relate to the Crash Magic system.  At a minimum, this includes the Crash Magic system tables as well as the agency's crash database to be analyzed by Crash Magic.

Server administrator - This person is in charge of the physical or virtual server that will host the Crash Magic software.  The role of installing the software and any needed drivers, verifying system requirements and managing IIS if used falls to this person. This is the person who will have/need license keys, master admin password, etc.

Group administrator - This is a Crash Magic role.  Once the database is configured, and the software installed, the Crash Magic group administrator takes over and performs the final configuration to make the software work as desired with necessary defaults, permissions, etc.  The group administrator will also be the ongoing first point of contact for users of the system, and will be the person most likely to contact Pd' Programming with support questions.  Suggested pre-requisites for this role are:

Knowledge of the crash database elements

Knowledge of the analysis methods used by the organization

Some experience or training with Crash Magic


The current hardware and software requirements for Crash Magic can be found at: