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Welcome to the Crash Magic Tutorial section. These tutorials are designed to help you become familiar with the basic functionality of the Crash Magic software.


The purpose of each tutorial is to walk you through the steps to perform a specific task.  There are often several methods to accomplish a task in the program, but this tutorial will choose one method.  There are often a number of options available when performing a task.  Again, this tutorial will address a few, but not all of these options.  Throughout the tutorial, you will find links to the Reference section of the manual where details about the current task can be found. After completing the tutorial, you will be in a good position to investigate the rest of the program, try other options, and utilize the rest of the manual to learn the complete power of the program.


The tutorial contains descriptions, references and instructions.  Instructions are steps to be followed as you move through the tutorial. They will be highlighted like this.


Please be sure to read the Introduction section of the manual before proceeding to the tutorial.


One note: Crash Magic is an ever-evolving piece of software providing new functionality and options all the time.  In addition, Windows and your browser are being updated and enhanced as well.  We've done our best to present images of the screens as you should see them, but they may not always appear exactly as they are in the manual.  In the event that something doesn't match exactly, please feel free to inform us, but don't let it stop you from continuing your exploration of the program.  Chances are the option you are looking for is still there and, once selected, will get you back to matching screens.


If Crash Magic is installed on your jurisdictions server, the first step is to obtain the url where the software is installed.  Your project manager or system administrator should have this information.  If Pd' Programming is hosting Crash Magic for you, then proceed to www.governmenttools.com, and hit the Log In button.