Finding what you're looking for

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It's time to dive in!  Where you start depends on your current level of knowledge of the program and what you are interested in learning.


As you use the various sections of the manual, you will find that many topics reference other topics in the manual.  When using an electronic version of the manual, these references are "hot links" and can be clicked on.  The printed version, as well as the PDF designed for printing will include page numbers like this instead.


A great place to start if you've never used Crash Magic is the "Tutorial" section.  The tutorial is a step-by-step guide to some of the more popular features of the program.  It will guide you through each click and key press to create data and reports and to print to share them.  It describes the basics of changing some report settings, some nifty features of the program to make your work easier, and most importantly, it provides links to more detail about each of the features in case you need additional information.


If you have a grasp of how the program works, but are having a hard time figuring out how to do a specific task, the "How do I.." section provides suggestions from the very highest to low levels of the program.  The focus of this section is translating the name you'd choose for a feature into the name we've chosen.  For example, the text next to each crash?  The crash annotations?  The description?  The date and time?  We call those the "labels".  By looking in the "How do I..." section, you'll find out what the correct Crash Magic terminology is, and find links to the sections in the manual that can help you figure out how to accomplish what you're working on.


The reference section is for when you're staring at some settings, or a bunch of buttons, or a report, and just want to know all the options you have.  Perhaps you're just curious, or perhaps you know what you want but can't seem to find the control that will do that for you.  This section contains the detail that would bog down the Tutorial, and clutter up the "How do I" section.