Other chart settings

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There are quite a number of settings available to change the appearance of charts generated by Crash Magic.  Let's try some of them out.


Click on the Chart Settings tab.  Note the "Text attributes" section at the bottom of the form.  This section contains properties used to show, hide or edit almost every facet of the text in the chart.


Select the "Title" tab and change the font color to Purple.

Select the "Legend" tab and choose "Visible".


Click on the Chart Report tab and view the new chart.  A legend will now be visible with all the values in the chart.  The text of those values will be Purple.


Some settings are used more than others and we've placed them at the bottom of the diagram in its own toolbar.  




The most obvious are the three chart types: Bar, Pie, Line. Select the Pie chart by clicking the button. The chart will be rendered as a pie chart.  This pie chart will have a legend, but will not show the value of each slice.  To do this, we have to turn "marks" on under the settings tab.


Select the Chart Settings tab and choose the "marks" tab in the Text attributes section.  Note the graphic on the right that highlights the part of the chart you are about to edit. Check the "visible" option.  Now return to the Chart Report to see the slices with their new labels.