Help system and manual

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Crash Magic documentation is thorough.  The documentation is divided in to sections for analysts ("tutorial", "how do I...", and "Reference"); for administrators; and for programmers. (Automation and interoperability)  When the help button is clicked in Crash Magic, the list of topics presented is always context-sensitive, showing information based on where you are in the program.  It is therefore helpful to take as many steps as you know before clicking the help button for assistance.


In addition to the online help system, viewable in a browser, the help system is available in a number of formats:


Adobe Acrobat (PDF) for computer viewing, searching and printing

Windows html help for computer viewing with advanced navigation

Windows e-book format for computer and tablet viewing

HTML format for online viewing

Printed format, based on the Adobe Acrobat file


All of the various help media contain the same content.  The latest version of the content in all formats is always be available on the web site.