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Configurations that ship from Pd' Programming contain a default user to add other users, and grant access to admin functions within Crash Magic.

Default User

User name

Crash Magic

User login


User password



Please change the password for the default user once you have completed the installation. First the user must login into the program as a group admin and then change the password.


Log into Crash Magic as a Group Admin:

1.Open the Crash Magic login web page.

2.Enter "crashmagic" in the User id box.

3.Enter "changeafterinstall" in the password box.

4.Ensure that your user group is selected(For most users this will be the only group that can be selected).

5.Click the Show advanced options link

6.Click the Group Admin button to log in


Changing the password for the Crash Magic user:

1.Once you have logged into Crash Magic as the Group Admin click on the crashmagic user in the admin tree on the left of the screen.

2.Click the green Settings tab while on the crashmagic user page.

3.Enter a new password in the password field. Note: The new password must be retained for future use.