Crash Magic Online Install and Confguration Tool

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Installation of Crash Magic begins by downloading the Crash Magic Setup Program from (locate the "Installers" link) Run this setup program on the server. A new shortcut entitled "Crash Magic Installer" will be added to the system menu and to the desktop.




With the advent of the new cmIISConfig utility, all of these steps are now handled with just a few clicks.


Start the process by launching cmIISConfig.exe from the start menu, or from the CrashMagicOnline/bin folder in Program Files (x86)
Important, you must run this utility "as administrator".


1.In most cases you will be using the normal install.  If this is a test installation on the same machine as a running instance of the

2.program, you may choose to run the "alt" installer of Crash Magic.  The cmIISConfig tool is capable of preparing IIS for either instance of the program.

3.Enter a password for the cmUser account. Select "Create User and Group".  The status box at the bottom of the utility will report the steps taken and any errors.

4.Select "Assign folder security". Again review the status at the bottom of the dialog.

5.To install Crash Magic in the Default Web Site, select it from the list. To create a new web site, select the "New..." button and enter a web site name.

6.To install Crash Magic at the root of the selected Web Site, select that desired web site from the list.  To install it to a virtual folder as a new app, click the "New ..." button and enter a name for the folder. (i.e. "/cm")

7.Click the "Prepare site and application" and verify that there were no errors in the status list.

8.It is generally a good idea to create an application pool for each Crash Magic instance.  Click the "New ..." button and specify an application pool name.

9.Click the "Assign pool to application" button and verify that no errors appear in the status box.


At the end of the process, the dialog will look something like this:




At this point, if you selected all the defaults, the program should be ready to run.  

However, if you made selections that resulted in one or more new web sites, you'll need to use the IIS Manager to adjust the bindings so that traffic is routed properly.