Alias reports

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In some systems, the process of maintaining aliases is quite straight-forward.  Perhaps a few streets have multiple names and a couple of streets a misspelling or two.  In other systems, there could be thousands of misspelled street names.  Street aliases are designed to handle both cases.  

In order to make alias management as convenient as possible, there are a number of reports that can show your streets, aliases and combinations of both. These reports are accessed from the "Dependent data" tab of the street normalizer.


The terminology we use for aliases is shown in the graphic below.  

An "alias" is another name for a street.  Just like a synonym. This is sometimes referred to as a "Bad Name".

A "root" is a street name that has at least one alias pointing to it.  This is often referred to as the "Good Name".  There is no special setting to make a street into a root street - it simply becomes one by aliasing another name to it.

A "standalone" name is a name that is neither an alias nor a root.  In a typical database, most streets are standalone.




Alias Report types



All street names

Aliases only

Root names only

Standalone names only

Root and standalone names

Multi-line aliases

Single-line aliases