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The U_UserSpecific calculated fields are for calculated fields that are specific to the User Groups data. These fields are not required by the program. User specific fields can simplify the creation of an object map, and allow users to add fields in their reports with complex calculations.


This is the last calculated field to be loaded by Crash Magic, and as a result can use any calculated field group that has already been loaded.


The following are some example user specific fields. Your fields will be different:


SampleReport (string)

BinaryFileContent("SampleReports", "Report_" + _CASEID + ".jpg") 

This is an example of an image file. This will allow users to select the SampleReport field in the field list editor of the ClickOn report to display an image. The BinaryFileContent function is used to define the image image file. The image file name is calculated based on the Case Id of the collision selected. For example if a user clicks on Cased Id 58214 in a collision diagram then Crash Magic would try to retrieve the file Report_58214.jpg for display.

VehSameDir (boolean)


.OR. setMatch(_Veh1Dir,_South,_Veh2Dir,_South) 

.OR. setMatch(_Veh1Dir,_East,_Veh2Dir,_East) 

.OR. setMatch(_Veh1Dir,_West,_Veh2Dir,_West) 

This example code uses the setMatch function to determine if vehicle one and vehicle two are traveling in the same direction.

IsOverturn (boolean)

(EventCode = 7) 

In this example if the query field EventCode is equal to 7, then the collision is resulted in an overturned vehicle.

Veh1IsPed (boolean)

UnitTypeCode_one = 5 

In this example if the query field UintTypeCode_one is equal to 5 then vehicle one is a pedestrian.

AvgCollisionCost (integer)






This example uses the calculated fields IsFatality and IsInjury from the P_Default calculated fields group to assign a numeric value to each type of collision. This can be used to derive an average cost for each type of collision.