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All of the screens in Crash Magic include a help button help in the top right corner of the page. Click this button now.


Crash Magic will open the Help Navigator. As you use the program, the help system is always in the background "watching" where you go.  When you request help, the Help Navigator presents you with help topics based on the forms you've navigated to this point.  The first topic in the list is the most specific, with each item below becoming less specific, down to the last item "Crash Magic Online" which is the most general.  As you move about the program, items are added and removed as needed to provide the most context sensitive help possible.


The image below is what you will see in the Help Navigator when you click on it from the Home Page.  "Home Page", the most specific topic, is at the top; with the more general "Crash Magic Online" below it.  




Click the link to "Tutorial overview".  You are presented with a new browser displaying the Crash Magic documentation. Browse the documentation a bit and then close the Help Navigator to return to Crash Magic.


Note: The help system may be customized with content specific to your agency.  See customizing the help system.