Study definition (studydefinition)

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Study definitions determine the properties that a user will have when creating a new study. Study Definitions specify the query that will be used and the where clause that will be appended to the study.


Name: This is the name of the study definition


Description: This is a description of the study definition


Study Type: This is the type of study that will be used

alldata - All Data

cid - CID

interection - Intersection

intersectioncorridor - Intersection Corridor

node - Node

routemilepost - Route Milepost

streetaddress - Street Address

usercid1 - User CID

usercid2 - User CID

xyrect - XY Rectangle


Query: This is the study query that will be used


Normalizer: This is the normalizer that will be used by the study definition. Collision data that can use node and intersections to location collisions should contain a node and intersection normalizers with the same name.