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UserAdd(        aHandle, 

              aUserGroupName, aUserFullName, 

              aUserLogin, aUserPassword, 

              aCanAdminGroup, aCanEditData,

              aCanLoginAsSOAP, aCanBeCloned, 


              &aErrorMsg );








returns ErrorMsg


Description: UserAdd() creates a new account in the CrashMagic system.  This function will fail if the login already exists in the specified group.


aHandle The value created in the call to Login().  

aUserGroupName The user group into which the new user will be created.  This group must exist prior to the call.

aUserFullName Is the name of the user for this account.  This is simply a descriptive field not used in the authentication process.

aUserLogin The desired login for this new account.

aUserPassword The desired password for this new account.

aCanAdminGroup Determines if this account should have group administrative privileges .

aCanEditData Determines if this account should be allowed to access the Data Entry screens .

aCanLoginAsRA Determines if this account should allow Remote Access logins.

aCanBeCloned Determines if this account can be cloned (i.e. for use with LoginAsClone)

aParameters Reserved for future use, must be blank

&aErrorMsg is populated only if an error occurred that prevented the function from succeeding.  Otherwise, this parameter is empty.


Example: UserAdd( lHandle, "DOT@NY", "Richard Scott Miller", "Scott", "djdekkslla=", true, false, false, false,  lErrorMsg );