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LoginAsClone( aUserGroupName, &aUserLogin, aPassword, 

                  &aHandle, &aErrorMsg );




Returns: Handle, UserLogin, ErrorMsg


Description: LoginAsClone() Creates a new User account with a unique name, based on the  aUserLogin parameter.  The unique name is returned by modifying the aUserLogin parameter.  This new account is the logged in the same manner as Login().


aUserGroupName The name of the group that the specified Login is a member of.  

&aUserLogin The account to base the clone on.  The return value of this field is the new unique login that is created in the clone process.

aPassword Password for the login to be cloned.  This will also be the login for the clone.  The password field may be encrypted based on the encryption defined for the specified user group.

&aHandle is populated when this function returns successfully.  It contains an encrypted token that identifies this login.  Keep this token for all future calls, and for logging out.

&aErrorMsg is populated only if an error occurred that prevented the function from succeeding.  Otherwise, this parameter is empty.


Example: LoginAsClone( "DOT@NY", lLogin, "ADFdfFDaFDd=", lHandle, lErrorMsg );