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ReportPrintPDF( aHandle, aUserGroupName, aUserName,

                aProjectName, aStudyName, aReportName, aObjType, 

                aLayoutTemplate, aFileName, &aErrorMsg : string )






returns FileName, ErrorMsg


Description: Produces a PDF file based on the specified layout template.

aHandle The value created in the call to Login().  

aUserGroupName, aUserName - required

aProjectName Can be used to specify the default project.  

aStudyName Can be used to specify the default study.  

aReportName Can be used to specify the default report.

aReportType If aReportName is specified, this parameter identifies the report type.

aLayoutTemplate A layout template to render to PDF.  If blank, the default template for the report type will be used.

aFileName The full path and file name where the PDF file should be created.  This is relative to the server.

&aErrorMsg is populated only if an error occurred that prevented the function from succeeding.  Otherwise, this parameter is empty.


Example: ReportPrintPDF( lHandle, "AK@Anchorage", "Beth", "My Project", "My Study", "My Report", "diagram", "MySideBySide", "c:\temp\pdfs\output.pdf", lErrorMsg );