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ListReports( aHandle, 

             aUserGroupName, aUserName, aProjectName, aStudyName,


             &aErrorMsg );




returns ReportList, ErrorMsg


Description:  ListReports() lists all the reports for the specified UserGroup, User, Project and Study.  


aHandle The value created in the call to Login().  

aUserGroupName, aUserName, Project, Study Are required values.

&aReportList The list of all reports for the specified UserGroup/User/Project/Study.  This will be in standard SQLObjectList XML format.

&aErrorMsg is populated only if an error occurred that prevented the function from succeeding.  Otherwise, this parameter is empty.


Example: ListReports( lHandle, "AK@Anchorage", "Steve",

                                 "Automatic", "Main St at Broadway", ReportList,  lErrorMsg );