Intersection aliases

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IMPORTANT - Intersection Aliases do not currently exist for end-users of the program.


Intersections aliases are more specific than street aliases. Instead of aliasing an entire street, you pick a single intersection to alias to another. For our example we are going to use the location below:


The red line is Hwy 7, which runs on a few roads, including Baseline and Arapahoe. If you were to alias Hwy 7 to either of these roads directly (using a street alias) when asking for Hwy 7 & Main you would get the crashes at both Baseline & Main, and Arapahoe & Main in one study. Instead of using a street alias for this location we will use an intersection alias. For this example we are trying to get all the crashes that occur at Hwy 7 & Main:



We will make create an alias that says Hwy 7 & Main = Baseline & Main. Now all crashes that are coded to Baseline & Main, and Hwy7 & Main will be present in the study. All crashes that occur at Arapahoe & Main will not.