Configure GIS

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Clients that have purchased a data entry configuration that uses a GIS map will need to add their map files to the Crash Magic directory. Map files should be stored under the following directory (Crash Magic Online install directory)\Sys\Files\Maps\(User group).


Clients that do not use data entry with in Crash Magic may skip the Configure GIS section.


Create a Maps directory

1.Open the Crash Magic Post install utility(select Start/All Programs/Pd Magic/Crash Magic post-install utility

2.Select Crash Magic Program Data in the folders drop down menu

3.Click the Open folder button

4.In the folder window open the Sys folder

5.Open the Files folder

6.Right click in the directory and select New / folder

7.Change the folder name from New Folder to Maps


Create a user group folder

1.Open the Maps folder that was just created from the previous step

2.Right click in the directory and select New / folder

3.Change the folder name from New Folder to the user group name provided with the license key(Example CO@MagicCity)


Add GIS map files

1.Open the user group folder that was created in the previous step

2.Paste the GIS shape files into the folder

3.Ensure the any user created to run Crash Magic has read  permission to these files(cmUser for IIS)