Adding Users to Crash Magic

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Once logged into Crash Magic as a group administrator new users can be added to Crash Magic:


1.Click on the configuration name located in the tree on left of the window to ensure the user is created in the correct group

2.Click the user_butbutton above the tree to create a new user

3.Click on the green Settings tab

4.Enter the name of the user in the Name field

5.Enter the login name in the Login field

6.Type in a password for the login(Leave the password field blank if DBVerify will be used for logins).

7.If the user requires the ability to do analysis check the Allow Analysis login check box

8.If the login is to be able to perform administration functions to Crash Magic, check the Group Administrator check box(The Group Administrator can delete users, and access the settings for Crash Magic. Only select users charged with managing the program should be granted this privilege)

9.If the user is to perform data entry in Crash Magic check the Enable Remote Access login, and Allow Data Entry login check box. Selecting the data entry box requires that Enable Remote Access login to be checked also.(This feature requires a data entry configuration to perform these tasks)

10.Now provided Crash Magic users with the web address for the Crash Magic, along with their login and password information




Crash Magic will automatically save the user information  when moving to another panel or clicking on the exit button.