.Options - General (.options)

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While under the .shared user of the user group, click the .options button DOTOptions_but to define options that a Crash Magic user will be able to use.


Name: Enter Default for the name


Description: A description of the .options.


City: If this configuration is being for a city enter the city name. Else leave this section blank.


State abv: Enter the State or province abbreviation of that the collision data that will be used for this configuration. This field should be left blank if the configuration is for data will be from more than one state or province.


Zip: If this data will only be from a single zip code enter the zip code in this field. Leave this field blank if the collision data will be from more than one zip code.


Email- This section allows group administrators to define mail server information for Crash Magic clients.

SMTP URL: The email url.


SMTP URL: Port used by email program.


Folder Path: This text box shows the folder path of the location selected in the "Folder Locations" box. The folder location can be edited by using this text box. The alias will default to "Location" when first created. This text box can be used to change to the correct location. Example:

C:\Program Files\PdMagic\CrashMagicOnline\Bin\ProgramResources\Samples\Images


Add button: This button adds the alias entered in the "New Location Name" field to the "Folder Locations" box.


Remove button: This button removes the alias selected in the Folder Locations box.


Test path: This button attempts to locate the folder selected in the selected in the Folder Locations. A message box of "Success: Folder found" will be displayed if the folder can be accessed. "Error: folder does not exist" will be displayed if Crash Magic is unable to access the folder.