.Options - Configuration editor (.options-configeditor)

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The .config containers hold configuration PSRattrs for a user group or shared user group.  Those PSRattrs should only be modified by the person(s) responsible for the configuration.  In order to protect it, only those logins registered as "configuration editor" may change their content.  To register a login as able to edit the contents of a .config, create a .Options - Configuration Editor with the appropriate group and that login as its name.  



Tree showing Configuration editor resources


These resources work simply by existing in the .config container. They do not have any relevant properties to set.

Upon login, a user's account is checked against this list to see if they are a configuration editor.  


For Pd' Programming - prepared configurations only Pd' accounts should exist here.  There are no exceptions.  For a client to modify their configuration, they may copy and past a PSRattr into the .shared container and edit it there.  This maintains the stability of the configuration.