Common entry fields

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Specific field types

RecModifiedBy = String, NOT Visible, Default = UserLogin, Expression=UserLogin, NOT read only

RecModifiedByLbl = Label, Visible, Read Only, Default = UserLogin, No Expression

DateRecModified = Date, Not Visible, Not read only, Default = NOW, Expression = NOW

DateRecModifiedLbl = Label, Visible, Read Only, Default = Now, No Expression

FormCrashDate - Visible, Control=Date, set to Read Only, no expression, default is now

CrashDate - Not Visible, Not Read Only, Expression is BuildDate(FormCrashDate.Value,FormCrashTime.Value)

Same with Time fields, except Control=Time

Latitude - field needs to be wrapped in Number(Latitude.value).  This goes for any floating fields (decimals).

Longitude - same as Latitude - but also MIN will be negative in the U.S.

Street1 = Visible, Indexed Primary Street - properties = "IntersectionNormalizer=Default"

Street2 = Visible, Indexed Cross Street - properties = "IntersectionNormalizer=Default" and next line is "RelatedPrimaryStreet=PrimaryStreet" (without quotes and name must be the control name in DE, so could be Street1.


General field settings

The Unique fields prompts for a case number (only make main one visible, otherwise will get multiples)

DO NOT MAKE UNIT NUMBERS FOR UNIQUE FIELDS READ ONLY (make them not visible).  If you do, it won't read the values from the database.

Default area - leave blank - unless they are label values being shown  like case id , rec modified, etc. (caseid.value)

Must have a DoWrite that is a read only field that you can check.

Unique field - ReportNumber = QueryPrefix=DECrashes (name of query for DE to show crashes), also need DECrashes General Query, and DECrashes Field list.

If doing a calculated field in the study query (ie for getting most severe injury).  Don't put that in the data entry (the main crash severity field).  Only have the individual ones in there.

Do not have any "Unknown" control types. Floating fields should have "Decimal" as control type.

Do not put any spaces in the Entry field name (will cause error).

Lookups setting for text is LookupSort=StringValue

Lookups setting for number is LookupSort=NumberValue

Value Width (prompt settings) - is how much room a lookup value can take next to the entry - generally keep 100.

This value can be set to 1 for non-lookup fields (including memo fields)

Width (entry settings) is how much room you have to enter a value.  If it's a lookup - generally keep to 30.  Dates 70, Streets 200.


Streets Data Entry Def

RecModifiedBy and DateRecModified - Not Visible

Must have "Main" as the top reference.