Creating a DB to XML

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The DB to XML PSRattr defines how Crash Magic will create an xml data file for import from the data source used.  The following steps show how to create a DB to XML PSRattr from the Configuration Helper.


Locate the Configuration Helper:

1.Log into Crash Magic as the Group Administrator.

2.Click on the .shared user under the user group you have logged into.

3.Click the + sign next to the .shared user to display the attributes for the user.

4.Click on the + sign next Configuration Helpers.

5.Click on the greet settings tab.


Generate a DB to XML PSRattr definition:

1.While on the settings tab of the Configuration Helper Check the box next to DB to XML.

2.Enter a name for this import definition in the New attributes name box.

3.Click the Create attributes button to create a an import definition.


This will generate the DB to XML in the tree.