Create an Intersection diagram

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The following example is an HTML tag to call Crash Magic, and create a diagram under an intersection study. If the study does  not already exist it will be created with the diagram. For this example to work with your data, crash records must have the ability to be located by a street and cross street location, and the user must be logged into Crash Magic. The Intersection study requires 2 string parameters to define the street names. The intersection study definition under stand that Broadway and Main is the same intersection as Main and Broadway. Extra spaces have been inserted into this example to allow this document to wrap - they should not exist in a true URL. (intended spaces will be escaped with "+" symbols)


<a href=" 

Name=Grant St and West Pine Ave& ACTION=diagram& Project=Demo&

studydefinition=Intersection& PrimaryStreet=Grant St& 

CrossStreet=West Pine Ave& FirstDate=01/01/2007& 

LastDate=12/31/2007& filter=clear& 

template=Four way intersection& Categories=None" 

target="" title="Create a Diagram">Diagram</a>

(spaces were added after all "&" in above url to enable wrapping and increase readability.  Do not include spaces in actual url.)



This is the URL of the Crash Magic server. This location will be specific to your installation of Crash Magic.


This value tells Crash Magic that you will be making an automated call.

Name=Grant St and West Pine Ave

Name that will be given to any item that is created. This name may be modified if you are creating an item that already exists.


The Action is what Crash Magic is being asked to perform.


Name of the project that will hold the study. If this project name does not already exist, then it will be created.


Name of the study definition to be used.

PrimaryStreet=Grant St

The PrimaryStreet property for the study

CrossStreet=West Pine Ave

The CrossStreet property for the study


The FirstDate property for the study


The LastDate property for the study


The filter to be used with this study.

template=Four way intersection

The report template to be used with the report. In this case it is the diagram template for a four way intersection.


The categories to be applied to the study.