Copy and Paste

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Now that you've created diagrams, charts, and listings, and configured them to your liking it would be nice to be able to reuse these reports. There are a few ways you can do this, but one of the easiest, is to use the copy/paste functionality.


To start, select the diagram that you created a few moments ago. We left it with some extra wide spacing, and the legend  turned off.  Let's take this diagram, and use it with other data.


Click on copy CopyButton  on the bottom toolbar. This will copy the current diagram to the clipboard.


Next, create a new study by clicking on the create study button on the top toolbar. Fill in the information on the settings tab.  Be sure to select a different location than you did for your first study.  You should now have a study that is ready for reports.


Click on the paste PasteButton button. This will paste a copy of the original diagram from the clipboard. Notice that it has new crashes in it (provided by the study), but keeps the settings from the original diagram (spacing between crashes and no legend).


Another great way to use copy and paste is at the study level. You can copy a study and all reports that fall under the study. This allows you to make several reports that you like, then copy/paste a study and simply change the study settings. Crash Magic uses the data provided by the studies, all reports under that study will be repopulated, but keep existing settings.