Configuration Wizard Tab

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The Configuration Wizard tab is used to set up the Crash Magic system tables. Crash Magic uses a group of tables to store information. These system tables store information on mapping a collision database to the Crash Magic program. This wizard is used to define a connection, and create the system tables.



Application Directory - Shows the install location of the Crash Magic binary files.

System Files Directory - Shows the location of the files used by Crash Magic.

Sample - This selection list allows the selection of a sample connection string to the Crash Magic system tables.

Use sample as connection string - This button populates the SYS connection string box with a connection string based on the Samples selection. The SYS connection string box must be blank for the box to be populated.

SQL Server type - Specifies the type of database that Crash Magic will be connecting to for the system tables.

Login - The login name that Crash Magic will use to access the system tables.

Password - The password used by the login for the Crash Magic system tables.

Role - Role that will be used by the above login to access the Crash Magic system tables. If no role will be used this box should be left blank

Password - This is the password for the role that will be used by the role. As with the role this field should be left blank if no role will be used.

Schema owner and prefix - This is the schema under which the Crash Magic system tables will reside and the prefix of system tables name(The recommended table prefix name is cm Example where dbo is the name of the schema that the tables will reside, and the Crash Magic system tables will all start with cm in their names). This field is case sensitive. The schema and table prefix must match the case of the schema and table names.

Create tables - This button will open the window the generates the script to create the Crash Magic system tables.

Master login - This field creates the Master Admin for Crash Magic. This login should be retained for Support issues, and should only be used with the guidance of Pd' Programming.

Master password - Password that will be used for the Master login. This should be retained along with the Master login.

Valid master config (Update .Master/.Shared configuration) -  This button will populate the Crash  Magic system tables with information that is standard

Valid custom config (Browse) - This button allows the administrator to select the configuration provided by Pd' Programming. This configuration file will tell Crash Magic how to display the collision data that will be used.

Valid custom config (Import configuration) - This button imports the configuration selected by the previous browse button into Crash Magic.