Obtain data and metadata

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Obtain and verify the following:

1.A crash report form for the state

2.List of fields and data types        

3.Lookup fields        

a.Make sure lookup values are listed for every lookup field

4.Determine how the tables are linked        

5.Get validation rules from the client

6.Determine number of roadway systems (local vs highway)

7.Determine which study definitions are needed

8.Bring the file into Excel or other SQL viewer

a.Create or use a schema.ini if necessary

9.Browse field values

a.Make sure types are coming across correctly        

10.Compare lookup tables with fields        

11.Check that vehicle type includes Pedestrian and Pedcycle

12.Determine ClickOn GIS

13.At Pd' Programming: If importing from IMW database, Check for * in the street names if applicable. This would indicate potentially corrupt data from IMW v6.60 bug


Check data against Required and Recommended fields