Chart report tab

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The chart report panel displays chart information based on data from the study the chart report is under.




Along with the common function buttons at the bottom of the panel the following buttons can be found.


color_palette_24 - Opens the category list selection window for the chart

graph_bar - Change to bar chart

graph_pie - Change to a pie chart

graph_line - Change to a line chart


Depending on the field that was selected, there may be an extra bar in your chart labeled "Unhandled Data". This is data that does not have a bin associated with the value. As an example a chart created from a database with only four lighting conditions(1  "Daylight", 2  "Dawn or Dusk", 3 "Dark - Lighted", and 4 "Dark - Not Lighted"), and contains a collision record with a lighting condition of 5. The  program is not able to determine a bin for a value of 5, and the collision record would be counted  as "Unhandled Data".