CaseId Listing

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The Crash Magic Data Entry application is capable of providing a selection list of crashes for editing.  In order for this list to appear the data entry definition must be configured for it. The list only shows the top 500 items.



Sample Case Id list


In order to enable display of this list, the following steps must be taken:

1.You must already have a working data entry definition.

2.Log into Crash Magic as Analysis.

3.Create a new field list called "DECrashes"

a.Select an existing study or create a new study

b.Create a new "Listing" report.  (e.g. The CaseId template will work)

c.Create a new Field List for this report

d.Edit the new field list so that it contains exactly two fields.  The title for those fields must be "CaseId" and "Description".  

i.CaseId - This value must match the CaseId being prompted for in the data entry definition.

ii.Description - This value may contain any desired text. Common values are date, time, other id fields, etc.  Multiple fields may be used by editing the "expression" for that field.

e.Note the names of the database fields that you use to create the CaseId and Description.  You will need to know these later.

f.Rename the new Field List "DECrashes". (or any other name. We'll use this name later)

g.Accept the changes and view the listing report - verify that it contains two fields called CaseId and Description, and that the values are as you intended.

4.Log in to Crash Magic as Administrator

5.Create a "Query - General" called "DECrashes All".

a.Make sure that it contains all of the fields that you used in the DECrashes field list.  This query will be used to populate the field list you created.

b.Name the query "DECrashes All".  You may use another name, but it must start with the same name as the field list that you created.

c.If desired, create additional queries with the same fields, but with a WHERE clause limiting the list to crashes in need of attention. (e.g. WHERE TypeOfCollision IS NULL)  Name these queries with the same prefix. (e.g. DECrashes - TOC)

6.Update your Data Entry Definition so that it will display case numbers when preparing to create or edit a crash.

a.Load the desired data entry definition

b.Select the "UNIQUE FIELDS" check box for the Main crash record.  It will likely only contain a CaseId entry field. That field will  have a control type of "String".  

c.Add an item to the "Properties" box called QueryPrefix.  It's value must be the same as the field list that you created, and therefore be a prefix to the query that you created.  For this example, it will be: QueryPrefix=DECrashes

7.Log out of Crash Magic

8.Test the data entry definition by running the data entry application