Advanced Settings Tab

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The Advanced Settings tab allows control over server settings that are not generally changed by the client.



Session timeout (in minutes) - Specifies the length of time a user session can remain inactive until Crash Magic makes the user log back in.


The "Settings ignored in IIS/ISAPI" section contains items that are only for use when Crash Magic is run as a stand alone  service. These items are not relevant when running Crash Magic under IIS.

Limited server IP - Limits the Crash Magic web service response to a single IP.

Server port - The port that Crash Magic will serve web pages on. This defaults to the standard port of 80

Use compression - Determines whether information should be compressed when sent to the browser.


The Debugging section should only be changed with the advice of Pd' Programming support as these items can affect Crash Magic performance.

SQL SYS logging - This check box determines whether logging of SQL statements to the Crash Magic system tables should occur. The default of this option is uncheck so that no logging will occur.

SQL User - This check box is used to log SQL statements sent to the collision database. The default option for this box is unchecked so that no logging will occur.

Use JS for popups - This check box tell Crash Magic to use java script for popups. This means that users will receive java popup windows when interacting with Crash Magic.

COM initialization - Sets how COM is initialized in Crash Magic. The default setting for this menu is Default.

Log level - This defines what information will be logged to the Crash Magic system logs. The default level is important.


Crash Magic can send information on errors that users encounter to Pd' Programming. The error reporting section if for adjusting those settings. The first drop down menu specifies how the how error messages are to be sent to Pd Programming. This defaults to Post. The text box below specifies the location a message will be sent to when the Post report is selected.

Test - Will send a test error message to Pd Programming.


The Settings for ISAPI only will only be used when Crash Magic is run under IIS.

Thread pool min - Sets the minimum number of thread pools that will be used by Crash Magic when running under IIS. The default is 3.

Thread pool max - Sets the maximum number of thread pools that will be used by Crash Magic when running under IIS. The default is 3.


The System database connection section allows allows for control of advanced connection options to the Crash magic system database.

Pool min - The minimum number of connections that will be established to the system database.

Pool max - The maximum number of connections that will be used by Crash Magic. While Crash Magic does reuse the connections to the system tables, multiple user environments may require a greater number of connections to avoid user wait times on connections.

Force uppercase schema names - This check box forces Crash Magic to use upper case names when querying the Crash Magic system tables. This box is checked by default.

Ignore incorrect schema info for - This text box allows the user to specify the columns and indexes in the Crash Magic system table that should not be validated. This text box will take one line per item. Items should be specified in a schema.table.column or schema.table.index notation. Note: Pd' Programming has found that in some cases DB2 will report CLOB data types differently in ADO than what is displayed to the average user. In these cases the client can specify columns and indexes to skip validation.