Report creation

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Report Type Actions

By specifying a report type as the action, a report of that type will be created.  The valid actions / report types are:







Creating a report requires a study for the report to be attached to.  When creating a report using MagicAuto, all the properties needed to create this study are required.  The first property needed is the study definition.


Required study-related parameters:




Supported values:


The study definition for the study. Available definitions are listed in the study settings panel as well as the study definition editor on the administration side of the program.

Any valid, existing study definition name in the configuration.


Each study definition is of a specific study type.  Those types are listed across the top of the table below.  The available properties are listed down the left side and mark as required or not with a black square.

Case Id List and Case Id List Secondary report types require special treatment as described in the section "Sending a Case Id List".


Optional study-related parameters:




Supported values:


Set the Filter to be used in this new study.  If Filter is not specified, a clear filter is used.

Any valid, existing filter name.


Specifies the name of the Category list to be used with this new study.  If Categories is not specified, a none categories will be used.

Any valid Category list name



Any study parameters can be copied from an existing study.

Any valid Project and Study pair separated by a comma. For example:



Optional report-related parameters:



Template causes the specified template name to be loaded into the new report.  The default for a template, if not specified, is the user's default template for the specified report type.

Any valid, existing report template name that matches the report type requested.


Optional project tree-related parameters:

If any of these parameters are omitted, the program will choose appropriate defaults.




Supported values:


The Project parameter tells Crash Magic what project to use when creating a new diagram.  


Any valid project name may be specified.  If the specified project does not exist, it will be created.


If Project is not specified, then the "MagicAuto" project will be used.  MagicAuto will be created if it does not already exist in the current user's project tree.

Any valid project name


This will be the name of the study that will be created for this diagram.  If Study is omitted, it will default to the name specified in the "Name" parameter.  


If the specified study already exists, and has the same query, parameters, filter, etc. a new study will not be created.


If the study doesn't exist it will be created.  If it exists with different parameters, the name will be made unique and a new study will be created.


If no "Name" parameter is given, and no Study is specified, then a unique name will be created for the study.

Any valid study name


This will be the name of the diagram report that will be created.  If Report is omitted, it will default to the name specified in the "Name" parameter.  


The specified name will be checked to be sure it does not already exist.  If it does exist, it will be made unique by adding a number to it.  i.e. My Diagram (1)


If no "Name" parameter is given, and no Report is specified, then a unique name will be created for the diagram.

Any valid report name


Name can be used to specify the same name for both the Study and Report.  By specifying Name, and not specifying either Study or Report, Name will be used for both parameters.

Any valid Study and Report name.