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Crash Magic supports a REST (REpresentational State Transfer) interface to provide access to the full RemoteAccess API.

The REST endpoint is <server>/REST/3.9S (i.e.


Version 3.9S

This version of the REST interface is a port of the existing SOAP interface.  As a result, it utilizes URL parameters rather than paths to make function calls.  

All REST calls return an ErrorMsg value indicating the success of the call. A non-blank value indicates an error.  

All REST calls return the name of the function called as well as the server name.

The RF parameter indicates the desired return format (HTML, XML, JSON)


Example request with JSON response





 "Error":"EcmRA_Base: Login\n EcmRA_Base: InternalDecryptPassword\n EcmRA_Base: Encrypted password is blank\n ",


 "Server":"Crash Magic Online"


Example request with XML response






         <Error>EcmRA_Base: Login EcmRA_Base: InternalDecryptPassword EcmRA_Base: Encrypted password is blank </Error>


         <Server>Crash Magic Online</Server>