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PSRattrXMLModify( aHandle, aUserGroupName, aUserLogin, 

                  aProjectName, aStudyName, aReportName,

                  aReportType, aPSRattrName, aObjType, aXML,

                  &aErrorMsg );






returns aErrorMsg


Description: PSRattrXMLModify() Sets the XML for the specified PSRattr.  


aHandle The value created in the call to Login().  

To indicate which PSRattr to modify, specify the following values.  PSRattr's may be referenced to the shared user, a specific user, a project, study or report.  

 aUserGroupName, aUserLogin - These are required values

aProjectName, aStudyName, aReportName, aReportType - Any or all of these may be specified or left blank

aPSRattrName, aObjType - These are required.

aXML The XML to populate the specified PSRattr with.

&aErrorMsg is populated only if an error occurred that prevented the function from succeeding.  Otherwise, this parameter is empty.


Example: PSRattrXMLModify( lHandle, "DOT@NY", "Scott", "","","","",

                                                "MyDiagram", "diagram.template", "<pdroot/>", lErrorMsg );


See also "LoadPSRattrXML" in IcmRA_Analysis