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PSRattrDelete( aHandle, 

               aUserGroupName, aUserLogin, 

               aProject, aStudy, aReport, aReportType,

               aPSRattr, aObjType,

                &aErrorMsg );





returns ErrorMsg


Description: PSRattrDelete() removes a PSRattr record CrashMagic system.  This function will fail if the PSRattr does not exist in the specified group/user.


aHandle The value created in the call to Login().  

aUserGroupName The user group that the PSRattr exists in.

aUserLogin The user group that the PSRattr exists in.

aProject, aStudy, aReport, aReportType (optional) Most PSRattr objects reside with a user.  However, they may also reside at any of these levels if specified.

aPSRattr The PSRattr to be deleted.

aObjType The ObjType of the PSRattr to be deleted. Multiple PSRattrs may have the same name if they are of different type

&aErrorMsg is populated only if an error occurred that prevented the function from succeeding.  Otherwise, this parameter is empty.


Example: PSRattrDelete( lHandle, "DOT@NY", "Scott", "","","","", "Default","Diagram.template", lErrorMsg );