Logging in as a clone

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The LoginAsClone function is the preferred method of performing analysis using Remote Access.  The LoginAsClone function makes a complete copy of a specified account including analysis reports.  By using the DeleteUserRecord parameter when logging out, this cloned account is removed from the system and any added or modified content is discarded with it.  Using this method prevents any changes to the account that is cloned, leaving it available for future use regardless of changes made after logging in as clone.  


A handy way of performing analysis, and even administrative tasks, is to login as a clone of an existing user.  This method of logging in creates a copy of a specified account that the programmer can use while creating projects, studies, reports, etc.  When logging out at the end of a "clone" session, the programmer may opt to delete this clone account from the database, thus removing all projects, studies, reports, templates or anything else created in that account's project tree.  This method of using the Remote Access engine in Crash Magic is especially useful in a multi-threaded environment such as when using Crash Magic to generate reports for another multi-user application such as a web server or client server network application.  In this case, a single account is created just for the purpose of cloning.  That account is provided with appropriate templates, reports, etc.which are then copied for use by the clone.


In order to clone a user, that account must be flagged as "Can be cloned".