Object map (objectmap)

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The object map objectmap_but is used to map graphic objects to a collision diagram.


Name: Name of the object map. We recommend default.


Description: Description of the object map.


In the object map settings tab use the plus to create a new objects for display on collision diagrams. Use the minus button minus to remove selected graphic objects from the list.


Description: Name shown in list of objects. This should describe what the object is showing Example Graphic for Animal.


Expression: This expression determines when the object should be displayed. This expression must be a Boolean. This means that it must resolve to true or false.


AnyMatch( VehManeuverCode_One, 5 )

The previous example checks the field VehManeuverCode_One in a collision record. If the field contains a 5 the symbol is drawn for the collision record. Any value other than a five will not cause the symbol to be drawn.


Insert: This button inserts the symbol selected from the drop down list into the symbol window.


Symbol: This area shows the symbol to be displayed. This can also be an expression





The previous expression uses the calculated field Veh1IsBike to display a bike turning left symbol. Otherwise the standard left turn vehicle symbol is displayed.


Is Vehicle: This determines if an object should be rotated and moved as a vehicle. Selecting a value of one informs Crash Magic that the object to be displayed is the first vehicle in the collision.


With Vehicle: This determines if an object is part of a vehicle and should be moved with the vehicle.


Angle: If a a symbol is not a vehicle or with a vehicle the object is rotated based on this field.


Color: Not currently used.


Thickness: This sets the thickness of the object lines being drawn for the object.


Opacity: Sets the opacity of the object being drawn.