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LocalExe is used to execute a program on the local computer.  This is useful in cases where access to scanned reports or other content is through a document management system.  If that system provides a utility that can be used to connect to the repository and display a file, LocalExe is the tool to call it with.


This type of request contains the name of an .exe (program) and any parameters required by the document management utility. For example, a request might look like this:






      <Parameters>CaseId="123" noprompt</Parameters>





Such a file is requesting that cmLocalViewer run a program called "ShowReport.exe" and pass it the parameters "CaseId=123 noprompt".  If ShowReport.exe exists, it will be called, and will (presumably) display the crash "123" without prompt to the user.  Important: note that the program does not contain a path, just the filename.  This is for security purposes and is described in the security section that follows.