Intersection Corridor

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To Set Up Corridor Dynamic Diagrams:


 * Database:

         * Create OrderedStreets table.

         * Create pdg GIS services tables.

         * Provide read/write access to both OrderedStreets and pdg tables.

 * P2_Default must have _Latitude and _Longitude (As number. If lat/long fields are string use AsNumber() in expression)

 * Create Diagram schematic PsrAttr, named "DynamicIntersection"

 * Create GIS PsrAttr:

         * Must configure both a geocode server and centerline server to enable ordered streets.

         * Must create pdg tables to enable database caching of GIS data for performance reasons.

 * Create TableDef PsrAttr, named "OrderedStreets", point to OrderedStreets table, set reader/writer as appropriate.

 * Create Intersection Normalizer PsrAttr:

         * Named "Default"

         * Normalize Streets: Default.

         * Distinct intersections query: Intersections.

         * Set Primary and Cross street field names.

         * Select OrderedStreets table.

         * check both Hidden and Visible.

         * On Dependent data tab: select OrderedStreets.


 * If no intersection corridor study definition, create Study Definition PsrAttr, named "Intersection Corridor". Study Query Type: intersectioncorridor. Query: Crashes. Normalizer: Default.