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IcmRA_Login provides login and logout functions for Crash Magic.


In order to begin a Remote Access session, the first call must be to login.  If the intent is to perform analysis, the login account should be for a user of the system in the appropriate group.  If the login is successful, the Handle parameter will be populated with a handle to that login.  In order for that account to be used again, that handle must be logged out first.


The log in step determines the access that this Remote Access session will have.  A Remote Access session will not be able to perform administrative operations such as adding or deleting users unless the login used has Group administrator permission.


Important: In order to log a user in as a Remote Access session, that user must also have "Can Login as RA" (Remote Access) permission.  This is required of administrative accounts that desire Remote Access as well. Note: in order to perform administrative functions, the specified login must have administrative privileges in that group.