How do I add a user

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Crash Magic allows for group administrators to add more users. Here is how:

1.Log into Crash Magic as a group administrator.

2.Click on the name of the group you have logged into in the project on the left of the page.

3.Click on the new user buttonuser_b_24.

4.Change the name field to the name of the user.

5.Change the Login field to the name the user will use to login(In cases where each user has their own login to the collision database, the Crash Magic login name must match the database login).

6.Enter a password for the new user(This should be left blank in cases where each user in the group has their own login to the collision database).

7.Check any of the User permissions boxes required by the user(Group Administrator should only be checked for those users that will need access to the Group Admin side of Crash Magic).

8.Click the Exit button in the upper right corner of the window to leave the group administrator window and save the user.


Provide the new user with the login, password and address for Crash Magic. The user will also need to be added to the cmUsers group if your IT department uses active directory. If the database is used to control access the user will require a login and password for the database.