How can I create a report button

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Crash Magic allows group administrators to create buttons from templates that have been saved. Before a button can be created the template must be moved to the ".shared" user for everyone to access. The following steps assume that you have saved a template under your user and would like to create a button that everyone in your user group can use for the template.


The first step is to promote the template to the .shared user.

1.Log into Crash Magic as a group administrator.

2.In the admin tree on the left of the page click on the + sign next to your login name located under the name of your user group.

3.Click on the + sign under your login name next to the type of report template that you have saved(Note that in listings, charts, and cross tab reports the field list list reports or category list for charts and cross tab reports must also be moved as the reports are relying on access to these items).

4.Click on the name of the name of the template to share with the group.

5.Click your name in the drop down menu at the bottom of the page and select the .shared user.


Now that the report template has been moved, the following steps can be used to create a new report button.

1.While still logged in as group administrator, click on the + sign next to the .shared user under your user group name in the admin tree on the right

2.Click on the + sign next to the .options-reportbuttons.

3.Click on the Default.

4.Select the template that you just moved to the .shared user from the list of Available templates.

5.With your template selected Click the AddSelected button.

6.The Up and Down buttons can be used to position the button within the list of buttons.


Log out of the group administrator, and log into Crash Magic analysis. Click on a new study to see the report button.