Field list editor

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The field list editor allows the client to determine the list of fields from the query to display.



The QueryFields displayed are specific to the specific collision database in use. Your fields may be different.


Available fields - These are the various field list available to the Crash Magic user. Changing the drop down menu will change the list of fields displayed. The default list displayed is QueryFields. QueryFields contains the list of database fields specific to the client collision database. Fields shown in the list below the drop down can be selected for display.

Selected fields: - Theses are the current fields selected to display by the user.

PanRight - Adds selected fields from the Available fields list to the Selected fields list.

PanLeft - Removes selected fields from the Selected fields list. Removing the selected field does not delete any data. It only hides the field from the display.

BuildCustomExpression- Allows users to create custom fields based on expressions.

arrowup - Move selected field or fields up in the list of Selected fields to be displayed. This allows the field list order to be changed.

arrowdown - Move selected field or fields down in the list of Selected fields to be displayed.

LoadTemplate - Load field list template.

SaveTemplate - Save field list template.


One a field is selected in the Selected fields list users can edit the properties of the field.

Field title: - This is the title of the field that will be shown in the report.

Field description: - This is the description of the field that will will be shown.

Expression: - This is the expression used to display the field. Users are not limited to display of only the field. Complex expressions can be created for display. For example the following code will display 1 Million for fatal collisions, 25 Thousand for injury collisions and 5 Thousand for property damage only.


     "1 Million", 


        "25 Thousand",

        "5 Thousand"))

Advanced - Opens the field display settings window.

Mime type: - This drop down menu allows users to tell Crash Magic how the field should be handled based on the MIME standard.

Encoding: - This drop down is used when displaying image fields to tell Crash Magic the encoding for the image.

Display method: - This drop down is also used when displaying an image.  Users can choose to display a thumbnail of the image, or a link to the image.

Custom lookup value: - This allows the user to specify a different lookup field name. The QueryFields list of fields by default are looked up values.   Crash Magic converts database values to readable values for display. As an example a field of LightCondition may contain values 1 through 5 for the various light conditions. Crash Magic queries the database lookups for this field to display ("Daylight", "Dark", etc) for each of the numeric values. Users can specify a database lookup field that may contain different lookup values like ("Full Sunlight", "Dark no moon light", etc) for the values.

Cancel and return - Returns to the previous page with no changes to the list of fields.

Save and return - Saves the changes made to the list of displayed fields and returns the user to the previous page.