Exporting to XLSX using a template

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Normally, when data is exported using this function, the only formatting performed is data type and perhaps text alignment.  However, it is also possible to use an existing Excel spreadsheet as a template to export into. This makes possible many more types of formatting. Here are the steps for that:


1.In Crash Magic, log in as an analyst.  

2.Create a field list that will be using this new Excel template. Use a unique name when you save it. (i.e. MyFieldList1)

3.Using Excel, create a spreadsheet to be used as a template.  Crash Magic data will be added to the spreadsheet starting from the A1 cell. (a default that may be changed) Perform any desired formatting.

4.Save the spreadsheet as an "Excel Template" using Excel's "Save as..." option.  

5.In Crash Magic, log in as administrator.  Select your  own user account.

6.In the available resources box at the top of the page, choose "Excel document (exceldocument)". Press the plus key to create a new resource in your account.

7.Select "Upload a file" and choose the template you created in step 4.

8.Edit the name of this Binary content resource to be the same as that of the field list you created in step 2.  (i.e. MyFieldList1)


Now, return to the analysis side of the program and export the data from your study using the field list template that you created in step 2. Choose XLSX format.  When you open the provided file, it will be the result of merging your XLST template with the data from that study.


Excel document optional properties:

Sheet name. By changing the sheet name, you can control the name of the sheet Crash Magic export will write to.  If that sheet already exists, it will be used, otherwise it will be created.

Start column, row. The default location where data will be start being written is A1.  However, but setting a different start column and start row, the data will start being written there.