Distinct intersection query

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The Distinct Intersection query is used to collect all of the distinct intersections from with in an entire database.  Since most systems do not already have a table of intersections like this, we query the crashes database for the distinct primary and cross street values.  In this case, it is also important to include a UNION statement to assure that the list includes both possible intersection names: Primary & Cross as well as Cross & Primary. Note the highlighted section where the street names are reversed.  Changing the alias names does not accomplish this "flip flop".  


As of this manual printing, the only way to accomplish a UNION such as this is to directly edit the XML for the Query:

1.Make sure there is no content between the <UnionQueries>. If there is, remove it.

2.Copy the entire content of the primary <QueryDefinition>

3.Paste the content inside the <UnionQueries> tags of the primary QueryDefinition.  This is the "Second Query Definition"

4.In the Second Query Definition, set the <UnionType> to UNION.

5.In the Second Query Definition, Identify the <JoinPair> that joins the primary and cross streets.  Reverse them as shown in the examples.