Debug url parameters

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When installing Crash Magic it is possible that conflicts, permissions, security, directory mappings or other other settings may prevent the program from displaying sufficient information to determine what is going wrong,  In these cases, it can be helpful to be able to call the program in a manner that doesn't perform any database, file, or other actions with potential for failure.  Available parameters are:



1 - Help only

2 - Request

3 - Event log test

4 - Log file test

5 - Exception test        


The following parameters may be added to any DIAGnn command:

?DebugSQL=true|false - turns on or off sql logging for all users who log in from this point forward

?StatusLogLevel=  Debug | Info | Important | Warning | Error | Exception | None - changes the log level for the application.


Note: In order for the server to start, it does perform some unavoidable database/file system access.prior to responding to this request.