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This section contains information that will be useful during the configuration.


At Pd' Programming, create appropriate folders in RawData, Configs and Docs for the client.  Then use the pdClientManager to access:

Rawdata - Arranged by country / state / agency. Each raw data extract / download is placed, as received, in a dated folder
(e.g. U:\Rawdata\USA\CA\LakeForest\20180325_Switrs2017) Any manipulated versions of the data, even unzipping, reside in a subfolder named "pd".

Configs - Also arranged by country / state / agency.  (e.g. V:\Configs\CrashMagic\USA\CA\LakeForest\3_9\InProgress) See the ProgrammingGuidelines document for important versioning instructions.

Configs metadata - stored at the agency level, or at the state level for statewide information such as forms, lookups, download details, etc.

Docs projects - e.g. U:\docs\clients\USA\CA\LakeForest\Projects\20180325_Configuration should contain any information or backup work other than metadata.  This folder will also house the ConfigurationVerification document.